Forum Title: I need help fixing cracked skylight (picture inc)
I really appreciate any help you guys can give. I accidentally stepped on a skylight (see attached picture) and can't find a replacement. I am in the process of selling this house and have to fix it for an inspection report. The total width/length of the skylight is 25.5 inches, and the inside opening width is 22.5 inches. It is a curb mount skylight. It fits over a wooden frame very much like a lid. Please help! Can it be patched? Where can I find a replacement.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CASSANDRA SWANSON (Oshkosh, WI), 01/08/2019

I'm not sure but I believe that some of those coatings need to be activated with an initial washing of vinegar. But I doubt your scratches will simply wash off. They are probably in the glass, caused by dry scraping with a razor blade. I have always cleaned glass with a razor blade and have never scratched any glass... the trick is keeping the glass wet and lubricated with the glass cleaner. (and not using a razor on anything abrasive, like dried cement!) Your coating could be an exception to this, though, so I wouldn't say for sure that it's okay without some careful testing. If your glass is scratched, there isn't much you can do about it other than replace the glass. If the scratches are very long and exactly parallel, there's a high likelihood that the windows came that way from the factory, and if you could convince your window dealer and his factory representative of that, you might be able to arrange replacement under the window's warranty. Many IGU's travel on conveyors in the factory as they are cleaned, rolled, heated in ovens, etc. and any dirt or abrasive caused by sliding could also cause long marks on the glass. But you can pretty easily tell whether it is one long scrape, or man-made ones as they clean the glass.

- RONALD LOPEZ (Round Rock, TX), 02/17/2019

Any 24 X 24 curb mount skylight should work for you. Pick the color!!

- DOROTHY WILSON (Newton, MA), 02/21/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Any 24 X 24 curb mount skylight should work for you. Pick the color!! Just to be clear, the frame in place already is 25.5 x 25.5. Would a 24 x 24 still work? Also, the big thing - and I should have added this at the beginning - is that this is the good one. I didn't take a picture of the one I stepped on. I was hoping to find a replacement like this one, or to find a way to repair the other one. Is there any type of laminate I could cover the crack with (the crack is on the top of the bubble). Thanks

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Denton, TX), 02/12/2019

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