Forum Title: How to replace storm window glass?
Broke the glass in a storm window that fits on the inside of my kitchen casement window(1967 vintage). The glass measures 35 � inches x 15 � inches and the frame around it is aluminum. Took the frame apart and totally cleaned out all the fragments of glass stuck in the aluminum frame. The glass is 3/32 thick and the grove it fits into in the frame is 1/8 thick. My understanding is that 3/32 glass in a 1/8 thick groove is pretty typical, and usually there is a 1/32 thick gasket or weather-stripping or something, that is pushed around the edge on top of the glass into the 1/8 groove, thus making a tight seal. Is that correct? I know I can get the glass cut at my local hardware store but what do I get in terms of the 1/32 gasket mentioned above? And does anyone know where I might be able to get it? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Highland, CA), 01/12/2019

Hi Brian, I'm not a paint guy, but I'm certain there are paints or steps that can be taken to get a good lasting paint job. My focus is heat, and in Florida, that door would be like a furnace. One, it is only an R=1, so whatever heat developes on the outside will quickly be felt on the inside. Even way up here in the north country, the west facing door on my shop which is an insulated door, will go over 100 degrees in the winter. It is painted blue and that temp is on the inside. No, you are much better off with white or a very light color, unless you need the heat. Bud

- GINA SUTTON (Greenville, SC), 02/09/2019

Thanks sp! Good ideas. Now that you mention it I think I do remember hearing that there are a wide variety of gaskets for storm frames. No problem taking the frame with me. The store I was thinking about I guess is kind of a big box store � True Value Hardware. Got piece of glass there before but didn�t need a gasket. There are in fact two glass shops very close to me that aren�t geared for auto glass. Sounds maybe best to just pop in one of those with the frame in hand! Thanks for your reply!

- NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 02/12/2019

Go to True Value first! they are likely to have what you need as well as good help.they are not a big box,big box is Home Depot Lowe's etc.

- BERNARD OLIVER (Maple Grove, MN), 03/06/2019

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