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Mainly I'm trying to decide between latex and silicone caulk. I have white aluminum windows, and my 1987 budget builder house is mostly vinyl siding except for a brick front on the first floor only. The brick windows have never been caulked. I have a caulking gun and know how to use it pretty well. I have done a lot of interior latex caukling, but I have never used silicone. How much longer does silicone last? Do you still smooth it with a finger (while wearing vinyl gloves) or do you use a smoothing tool? Some of the spaces near the brick are greater than 1/4, so I assume I will need some backer rod. I have seen many examples where this builder cut corners. Should I suspect that he didn't put foam sealant around window? From outside, I can see through the brick gap to the window flanges, and I don't see any sign of foam. I know what a pain that foam can be to clean up, so I don't want to add foam from the outside unless it really sounds necessary. I would want to mask window and brick prior b/c I don't trust myself to be that neat. I know I should probably use the minimally expanding foam, but is it safe to use standard foam if am careful to only lay a small bead? (I have some leftover foam that isn't sealed shut, and I only have 2 windows on the brick front.)
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 01/05/2019

I almost hate to ask this, but could the doors be installed up side down, etc, the left door on the right side frame and the right door on the left side frame. I would be suprised if this is possible, but stuff happens.

- Ron Allen (Newark, NJ), 02/28/2019

Thank you. I have no desire to do any king of window caulking just for cosmetic reasons. So unless another experienced person, makes a strong case for an actual energy loss savings by caulking these windows, the do nothing option works just fine for me.

- CLINTON PADILLA (Sheboygan, WI), 02/19/2019

I have caulked 100's of windows to the brick [new construction]. I always thought it was a code requirement but it may have just been a requirement of some builders. If caulking the window makes for energy savings - there are more problems with the house construction. Unless I'm mistaken, the foam insulation is only used on the inside. I've probably used more latex caulk than silicone to caulk windows to brick. I would think tape would give a false sense of security given that tape doesn't adhere well to brick and dealing with the mortar joints would be a royal pain in the !!! It takes a fair amount of skill with a caulking gun to do a nice job against brick. If you lack the skill to do a neat job, I'd suggest using a clear caulk - either silicone or latex..... but if XSleeper says it doesn't need to be caulked, I'd consider that as well

- BILLIE DENNIS (Clarksville, TN), 03/02/2019

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