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I have a home that was built in 1972, and I am trying to remove the Acme brand plastic door knobs off the hallway and bathroom doors. The bathroom doors lock by pressing down and twisting. They have a small hole in the center of the knobs on the exterior of the knob. The hallway doors with no lock, do not have this hole. All doors do not have any nooks in the rose that I can pop off. I tried taking the face plate off first, but they don't come off independently. They seem like they are attached to the latch assembly. I tried just popping off the rose/mounting plate, but since it's plastic it just breaks off. I looked on the internet if I can find any resemblance to this old door knob and removal, but I'm coming up empty handed. Any help would be appreciated!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PEARL SCHWARTZ (Pittsburg, CA), 01/14/2019

I would advise against doing any caulking, and for several reasons. The idea to foam the window from the outside is a bad one. There is no point in doing this. The window will also not be any tighter if you caulk the window to the brick. The main place to insulate a window is behind the interior trim, between the window and its rough opening. If you caulk and/or foam the exterior, all you will succeed in doing is making a mess. I've seen homeowners do it a million times. They ought to have a 7-day waiting period to buy caulking guns. LOL (even if you mask it and tool it, you'll probably still get it all over.) If you use silicone, the silicone will attract dirt. Latex caulks also attract dirt, but to a lesser degree. Provided the builder used 30# felt behind the brick, you don't have much to worry about when you have the occasional driving rain. A brick veneer is not waterproof to begin with, which is why you have a 1 airspace between the brick and the sheathing, to allow for drying and to eliminate most capillary action between the two surfaces. So I guess having seen 1000's of homeowner caulk jobs, ESPECIALLY against brick, my first instinct would be to try to dissuade you from doing it. Especially since the benefits are next to none, other than for cosmetic reasons. And if it doesn't look nice when you're done... well that kind of defeats the purpose of attempting it in the first place.

- AGNES MCDANIEL (Columbia, MO), 02/17/2019

Plastic Door Knob Photos

- CRAIG MORALES (Mansfield, OH), 03/01/2019

Are you planing to reinstall the locks or just replace them?

- AARON BROOKS (Des Moines, IA), 02/01/2019

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